everybet Free Bet Promotion

Who doesn’t like free stuff? That is an offer none would ever refuse. And with that in mind our online Casino is going all out. This week everybet has decided to launch a special ‘’Flash’’ giveaway of free bets worth of 1.5 BTC. That’s right, you heard correct. That’s €5000 worth of bitcoin.

So, stay alert because at midday Thursday (CET) they place free bets between 5 to 20 mBTC into the accounts of 240 players.

And because we value our recreational players, we want them to understand that they truly have a realistic chance of winning, so everybet has chosen to give away relatively small amount bets.

Be aware though that as was mentioned above earlier this is a ‘’Flash’’ giveaway, which basically means that these free bets will be available into the players accounts for 24 hours, and if they have not been used during that period of time, they will expire! And since they always strive to be fair to their customers, they will make sure that they are well informed of the terms of the event, and that any winnings from the free bets will have a zero WR.

For the new players that have yet to get involved with the event do not be disappointed. There is still time to do so, and all you have to do to partake in the draw is to place a bet of at least 1mBTC by midnight on Wednesday.

So, what are you waiting for? ‘’Fortune favours the bold’’ as the old saying goes. Take your chances ladies and gentlemen, and join Everybet.